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A Punch List for new construction in Charleston SC

A Punch List for new construction in Charleston SC

By on Jan 17, 2008 in Creaturo & Associates Relocation Team | 0 comments

In U.S. construction industry, a “punch list” is the name of a document used in architecture and the building trades in the United States to organize the completion of a construction project.
In Charleston SC new construction a Punch list is a list of uncompleted item the contractor must complete prior to the sale of a home. A new home buyer usually performs a walk through before going to closing. This walk through is usually with the builder or a representative of the builder. The new home owner and the builder walk through the home and make of list of items that need to be taken care of before the buyer takes possession of the home. These items usually include: paint touch up, missing screens and other minor repairs. A punch list is basically a list of tasks, or a “to-do” items.
When you buy new construction home with Creaturo and Associates, we walk you through the punch list –walk through as we do every step of the way of purchasing a new home.

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