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Charleston is for the dogs

Charleston is for the dogs

By on Aug 25, 2008 in Charleston Animals | 0 comments

By Creaturo & Associates

Many of my client’s ask me if Charleston is pet friendly. I always answer yes.
A visit to one of Charleston’s off-lease dog parks is one example of Charleston’s pet hospitality. With acres of area to run a play, a man’s best friend can get lots of fresh air and exercise at any of the three Charleston county dog parks.  The beaches are dog friendly also. There are a few rules when taking “Fido” to the beach but they are necessary for the safety of your dog and others. Each local beach has different rules.

 Sullivans Island:
DOG ORDINANCE – The summer dog ordinances went into effect on April 1, 2007.
– Dogs may be on the beach without a leash from 5am – 10 am
– No dogs allowed from 10 am – 6 pm
– Dogs may be on the beach on a leash (no longer than 10 feet) from 6 pm – 5 am

Isle of Palms:
Leash Laws: Dogs are welcome on the beach year-round. Leash laws are in effect daily, except 5 a.m.-8 a.m. Dogs are expected to be under voice command of their owners during that time. If cited, fees range from $100-$500, depending upon the frequency of the violation by the dog and owner.

Folly Beach:
From May 1st through September 30th, dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10 am and 5 pm. This law is very sensible because during those months the beach is extremely crowded during the daytime and also it’s unhealthy for dogs because of the excessive heat.

Throughout Charleston, there are boutiques, spas and resorts that cater to dogs. On King Street, there is a specialty bakery Three Dog Bakery, that caters to your pooch. They provide  oven fresh Dog treats and Dog food. There is even a company that will clean up your dog debris for you. Premier Pet Waste and Yard Sanitation Service, claims to scoop all of the dog waste so you don’t have to! They also deliver all of your pet food, litter, and supplies, right to your door!  They even offer Vacation Services.

Everywhere you go in the Charleston area you’ll see someone walking, running or playing with their dogs..So yes we welcome your pets….


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