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Things a buyer’s agent cannot do for you?

Things a buyer’s agent cannot do for you?

By on Sep 23, 2013 in Creaturo & Associates Relocation Team, Realtor | 0 comments

I could sit here and preach to you about all the reasons you need to use a Buyer’s Agent to purchase your next home. You know you  have heard them all before.  “Buyer’s Agents work for you” and “We are your advocate”. “Or It’s a Sellers Market you need my representation”. All of this is true.  Of course you are not going to believe me because I am trying to get you to allow me to work for you as a Buyers Agent. A buyer’s agent is required by law to act in the best interests of the buyer, and they are trained to help with the entire purchasing process from start to finish. For most people, using a buyer’s agent will save a lot of time. Without a buyer’s agent, the potential homeowner has to browse local listings, newspaper and Internet ads, and drive around neighborhoods looking for the perfect house, or spend time visiting open houses. With a buyer’s agent, the agent does that work for you. So what if I tell you all the things a buyers agent cannot do for you?

As a Buyers Agent we know a lot about the neighborhoods and areas we sell. More than likely it’s out hometown. We read the news, know the neighbors and what is going on.  But  because of legislation called the Fair Housing Act, we as Realtors can’t legally share all of that information with you.

Talked to the Neighbors, drive through the neighborhood at different times of day. This will help you see the type of things that go on in the neighborhood on a daily basis.

As your  buyers agent, I cannot tell you the economic class  or demographics of an area. This information is pretty easy to find online. You can use sites to find this info like Neighborhood Scout or on our site for information for Mount Pleasant. Under Fair Housing laws, I cannot disclose crime statistics or  sex offenders in the neighborhood.  This is something you must research on your own by paying a visit to the local police precinct.  Also, I can not give you my opinion of a school even if I have children that attend the school you are interested in. This is considered steering. You can research the schools for  the Tricounty on our website or check out Great Schools.

So why use a Realtor when there is so much information you have to gather yourself? A Realtor can show you homes, guide you through the buying process from start to closing and hopefully negotiate the best deal with the Seller. I think the plus’s win over the  minus’s when you consider the things a buyers agent cannot do for you.

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